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1 year of My Troller

Pannello Host + app mobile

€ 199,00

including tax

Check guest (Max 10)

Booking management

Management take charge


Multilingual management

Reviews management

Services management (No limits)

Product management (No limits)

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Real-time chat


Great for small strujcutre

secure payment

* Price Inlusive tax. Automatic renewal (1calendar year). Possibility to unsubscribe in every time.
There are not refund for early unsubscription.

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How can I do the payment?

You can do your payment, in total security, with Credits Card Visa, Mastercard, American express.

Does the cost of subscription change according quantity of rooms?

No, price change according to the type of hosting facility.

What happen at the end of trial period?

Absolutly nothig!

Does subrciption renew automatically after the expiry?

No, the subscription is not binding, so you can decide if you want renew it or not.

Does the app have a cost for you guest?

No, it is a free app that can download from Google Play or App Store.

Do guests have a commision to pay for each order?

No, My Troller is absolutely free for yours guests. You make the price, you collect payments.

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