Behind every My Troller request

No more stress from emails, whatsapp and calls, today is all here!

Insert all your accomodation facilty's service from your pc, your guest can download the app My Troller and they can book, buy and communicate with you by their mobile phone.

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Smart concierge intuitive, inexpensive and innovative to integrate in your accomodation facility.


Thanks to the app facility your guest can buy themselves what you offer.


Without commission on sale and booking.


Your guest can have a whole vision of your services, increasing the requests.


It facilitate your team to reduce coordination time of all services.


Throughout the chat you can communicate about arrivals, departures and spicific requests.


Your guests can review directly on the app.


Without My Troller

The guest is here, during the check-in you do a list of all the services, meanwhile ring the phone, and you have to do a lot of things, you hand over the brochure, flyers and business card. You move fast but without success!

With My Troller

Your guest when arrives, download My Trollerand with QrCode log in your services menù. Troughout the chat the guest in room130 ask to you to anticipate the room service planned to 20:00, meanwhile there is a booking for a wellness program to 18:00 by room 240. In a few click, your guests will be satisfied and you have managed it in a precise and orderly way.

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It's time to change...

Welcome your guest with My Troller

You welcome your guest with My Troller

Try it now!


Hotel, b&b and holiday homes... Everyone are satisfied with My Troller

My Hotel reciving breakfast order has reduced buffet waste and respected anti-covid rules.

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Giuseppe Grana

With MyTroller my b&b sped up. They arrives, get qrCode, downloads the app and sends request directlyon my device. Exscursion grow up to 65%.

Bruno Gurrieri

With My Troller they ask me everything: "additional courtesy line", "toothbrush" and then "bunch of flowers in their room". My guests are happy for the extra service of my hotel with My Troller.

Sara Brink

Questions and answer

We answered to many important questions to semplificate and speed up the use of My Troller

Cos'è My Troller?

Is a device for the structure and guests. The manager use a web page for his services and products, the guest use the app for request buy it. Very simple!

How can I try it?

Sign in to "manager panel" you will have a FREE plan to try, you insert informations about your structure and meanwhile invite your guest to download the app My Troller.

The app has a cost for my guest?

It's free for your guest!.
Simply download the app My Troller and framing the QRcode, the guest can see and buy immediatly yours product and services, without problems.

How can I manage the orders?

The orders directly will arrives on your personal area and, in copy on your email.
You just take the orders, sign it inside the room's costs and evading them.

How can my guest pay the orders?

Every order is notified on PC with push or on your email adress. The notification includes room's name, products and quantity they want. Then, you can charge to the same way you manage addition for your clients.

How many languages talks My Troller?

In this moment your personal area can manage your services in 5 lenguages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Is it fast to set up?

You can insert images, prices, times and services how you want and in a few click.

How many products you can add?

You can add all services and products you want, without limits.

Do you have any questions?